Deep-Dive Companion Trainings for our Signature Books

Our books, Simplicity Parenting, The Soul of Discipline, and Being at Your Best When Your Kids Are At Their Worst help make parenting easier and more fulfilling, and help you create a simpler, more connected life for you and your family.

Home Practice Guides help you internalize the material more deeply and put it into action in your life so you get the maximum impact in the shortest time.

Simplicity Parenting


The Soul of Discipline


Being at Your Best


All Home Practice Guides include ...

  • Convenient, online/offline format
  • Go at your own pace (fits your busy schedule)

  • Audio and Video versions included*
  • All audios downloadable

  • Mobile-friendly (listen anywhere, any time)
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • 5-8 hours of audio/video content
  • Lifetime access
  • 100% money-back guarantee

All for only $249 USD!

(*The Being at Your Best Home Practice Guide is audio-only.)

About the Instructor

Kim John Payne, M.ED, is the author of Being at Your Best When Your Kids Are at Their Worst, the #1 best seller Simplicity Parenting, The Soul of Discipline, and Beyond Winning. 

Kim has been a school counselor, adult educator, consultant, researcher, educator and a private family counselor for twenty seven years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Home Practice Guides are designed to deepen and accelerate the impact of the material in your life. Because of the longer, multimedia format, Kim has the opportunity to go deeper into all aspects of the content, offering additional stories and illustrations, and covering ideas that didn't make it into the book, as well as including worksheets and exercises to help internalize the material.  

  • 5-8 hours of audio/video modules containing instruction by Kim John Payne
  • Downloadable worksheets and "Module Descriptions" for easy reference

Home Practice Guides are designed to be stand-alone trainings. So, you do not need to have the corresponding book. Having said that, we do feel it's helpful to have both. 

NOTE: Simplicity Community membership includes one free book per year of your choice, plus full access to all three Home Practice Guides. CLICK HERE to learn more.


NOTE: This applies to stand-alone purchases of Home Practice Guides only. Access as part of membership in Simplicity Community is on an annual basis.

Yes. The learning materials are accessible through our website and include access to audio/video modules for self-paced individual study. But please note that all the materials are in English. 

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