Join the movement to help parents and families live simpler, more connected lives.

Certification Trainings Available

(next class dates, Fall, 2022)

Family Life Group Leader

Based on the book, Simplicity Parenting.


Discipline and Guidance Group Leader

Based on the book, The Soul of Discipline.


Emotional Self-Regulation Group Leader

Based on the book, Being at Your Best, When Your Kids are at Their Worst.


All trainings include ...

  • 4+ hours of video modules, plus slides and audio downloads

  • Comprehensive group facilitation training

  • Quizzes and reflection exercises for enhanced learning

  • Convenient Group Leader guides

  • Downloadable videos for offline use

  • Convenient, online format (any time, any place)

  • Go at your own pace (fits your busy schedule)

  • Official “Simplicity Parenting Group Leader” Badge and Certificate of completion

  • Private forum for connecting and learning with other Group Leaders


  • Marketing and outreach training

  • Text, images, banners, etc. for your marketing materials 

  • Free membership in the Simplicity Community ($149 annual value)

  • Lifetime access to all materials

All for only $497 USD!*

(*First training only. Discounts available for subsequent trainings and multi-course packages.)

Frequently Asked Questions

It helps you join the Simplicity Parenting movement in a bigger way, helping parents and families live simpler, more connected lives. And it enables you to generate additional revenue for your family by offering Simplicity Parenting Parent Gatherings in your community. 

No. It is helpful if you've already done the related Home Practice Guide, but it's not at all necessary. Everything you need is included in the Group Leader Training.

Only if you want to start offering Parent Gatherings in your community. There is additional discipline information in the Group Leader Trainingss compared to the Home Practice Guides, but we don't feel it's enough to justify the additional expense. 

Yes! Since a portion of the material is the same across all three Group Leader Trainings, there is a discount available for additional trainings.  

Group Leader Trainings are typically open for enrollment twice per year. 

  • 5+ hours of video modules containing instruction by Kim John Payne
  • A detailed curriculum for delivering a series of groups for parents in your community
  • Instruction in group dynamics, group leader skills, and how to deliver the material and the curriculum
  • Support materials for Marketing and Outreach.
  • Access to the Simplicity Community and Coaches Forum.

We recommend that you check fees charged in your community for yoga classes, as a comparison guide, but we suggest an average $100 for the group gatherings, adjusted according to your unique community

Participants are also required to purchase their own student materials for a nominal fee. We'll provide you a link to share with them. 

The trainings are not approved for CEU’s by any particular institution. But often participants who need CEU’s can apply to their accrediting agency and we can support their application.

As you can imagine, it varies a lot. Some people have been up and running within the month, while others have taken their time due to the space they have available in their lives.

In either case, especially if you are a newcomer to the field of parent support, it may take several years to build a niche for your offerings in your community. If you already work with parents and families, this work will enhance and maybe transform what you offer.

Please check with your local community business advisors about tax and other issues so that you build your business in a fiscally responsible manner.

Yes. The learning materials are accessible through our website and include access to video modules for self-paced individual study. But please note that all the materials are in English. 

You will need to be able to access the training area, watch the online videos, and download the study materials. You also need email for receiving our communications and internet service to access your learning materials through the training portal. 

Upon completion of the training, students receive a Certificate of Completion. After signing our terms of service agreement, they will be authorized to offer Simplicity Parenting Discipline and Guidance Parent Gatherings to the public. 

You will be able to utilize the material to guide your understanding and practice of Simplicity Parenting Discipline and Guidance, Emotional Self-Regulation, and Family Life in your personal and family life, and in the offering of parent group gatherings.

Group Leader Training Interest Lists

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Next class dates, March 2022.  

Family Life Group Leader

Discipline and Guidance Group Leader 

Emotional Self-Regulation Group Leader 


Enter your name and email and we'll let you know as soon as the training becomes available.